by Otto Van De Steene


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ONAK canoes


For those who didn’t follow the full ONAK foldable canoe its story, it might be best to check our original Kickstarter campaign-video as it couldn’t capture the essence behind ONAK in a simpler way:

With developing the ONAK canoe we found the solution to an age-old foldable canoe problem: stiffness & weight have a tremendous impact on a canoe’s padding characteristics, yet all previously developed foldable canoes are made from soft materials. With the ONAK canoe we could combine the best in stiff & light composite canoes with the foldable origami concept we so much needed for the sport to become more practical. Thanks to the composite srPP - honeycomb composite material and production techniques we developed, we were able to also bring down the price of such a high-performance canoe down to a level many consumers can afford.

Otto De Steene